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‘Haircology’ Organic Hair Salon as a new alternative for SSS hair: shiny, silky, staggering

I think that the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser. Joan Crawford What do you prefer: choppy layered hairstyle, shingle bob, dreadlocks, feathered hair or Cesar cut? May be a bouffant, beehive, afro-textured hair or chonmage? Vidal Sassoon described Hairdressers as a wonderful breed. You work […]

‘Pokoje roślinne’ as the first vege-friendly accommodation in Poland and a workshop by paweł weganon

Succesful people always look for opportunities to help others. Unsucsessful people are always asking: ‘What in this for me?’ B.Tracy Have you ever met people who bring value to this world; people, who will to try to find out the best possible solution, those with indomitable energy and unquenchable enthusiasm? I’m sure your answer would […]

Jacket Potato in ‘Warsaw Potato’ – Is healthy and fast possible? Yes, Please! :)

Face it – potatoes are boring. But everybody loves them. The challenge is to update potatoes in ways that people will still enjoy them. Lisa Fisher Obviously, we – the people, are always curious and desire to get excited in an unexpected way; to feel the amazement never experienced before. It may concern feelings or […]

‘Organic coffee & more’ a new healthy place. Give it a try!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m so happy and thrilled to launch a new chapter on the blog! 🙂 Every 2 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to read an article about healthy places I discover on a daily basis. Starting from the restaurants, bars and ending up with hair salons or joga studios. Natural, healthy, chemical-free. Coffee – [N]. A […]