Benefits and Uses Of Rose Water

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.

Gerard De Nerval

“Some people,” says Alphonse Karr, “are always finding fault with Nature for putting thorns on roses; I always thank her for having put roses on thorns.”

One day I was wised up enough not only to emphasize the beauty and lovely fragrance of a rose but also gifted with knowledge of its holistic healing properties.


Hydrosols, also known as floral, essential and herbal waters, hydroflorates or distillates are the byproducts of steam distillation – a process that is used to extract the essential oil of a plant.

The best comes from a distillation where it is the hydrosol that is being produced rather than the essential oil. Often the best comes from the earliest part of the distillation rather than the body of the distillation. This usually smells bright and pleasantly fragrant. Although, some of the therapeutic part of the hydrosol is also produced at the very end of the distillation, and usually has a rather grassy or vegetative note. As the plants are being distilled, micro-particles of essential oil are in suspension, they give the aromatic distillate its scent and will separate out as the hydrosol cools. There is approximately 0.2% essential oil in hydrosol.

Says Jeanne Rose, affectionately known as the Grand Dame of aromatherapy, international authority on the therapeutic uses of herbs.


Skin benefits:

  • would you like to kick-start your morning? Do it with splashing a treasure of skin-beautifying qualities on your face. You can notice soothing and softening effect straight away.
  • naturally rose mist  has tremendous healing properties to hydrate, nourish, revitalize, moisture and smooth out the skin by adding wonderful radiance and glow.
  • hydrosol helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and reduces thread veins and broken capillaries providing calming effect on acne, dermatitis and eczema. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin.
  • Are old  scars, cuts and wounds still bother you? The Queen of the flowers is ready to help with antibacterial, antinflammatory and anti-scarring properties. A bonus worth to mention: it drives away nagging acne and reduces the surface oiliness of the face.
  • aging skin type? Feeling dull, grey and not alive? Keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.The antioxidant properties of rose water help to strengthen skin cells along with regenerating skin tissues.
  • flower hydrosol can be applied (sparingly) over the makeup as a setting product, providing beautiful, healthy glow and amazing dewy finish.

Remember: if you want to keep skin young and beautiful as long as it possible, never rub harshly or scratch it.


Hair benefits

It’s a very hot month of July and after spending time in the scorching summer, our hair tends to become dry and dull. Nevertheless, we’re very lucky because rose mist:

  • recovers the quality of hair making them strong and flexible with minimum breakage.
  • treat mild scalp inflammations and dandruff that is caused by fungal infections.
  • promotes hair growth, boosts the volume, makes hair shiny and pleasant to touch.

Eye benefits 

  • pouring rose water into the eyes makes them sparkling and clear.
  • moreover it helps to sooth the tender skin around eyes and prevent or reduce eye puffiness.

Emotional wellbeing benefits & Aromatherapy

The fragrance of the roses is a very effective de-stressor helping to release stress and hypertension instantly. The floral mist can ease any stress, anxiety and keep depression away. Researches have shown that aromatherapy can have tremendous positive effect in helping fight stress, contribute to more sound sleep and even can help us be more positive!

Thank you so much for attention! ♥ If you found this article helpful, share with people who may be interested in this topic 🙂

Where do I buy Rose water? Here are some internet shops where I recommend to (based on a quality, effects and price):

  1. All countries, international – Aroma Zone (all the links are direct).
  2. Poland – Totomato, BioOrganika.
  3. Ukraine – Belyy Motylek.

Positively and Healthy yours, Marina ♥

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  1. […] The Queen of the flowers is ready to help with antibacterial, antinflammatory and anti-scarring properties. A bonus worth to mention: it drives away nagging acne and reduces the surface oiliness of the face. You’re welcome to read the whole article about Rose Water here. […]


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