‘Pokoje roślinne’ as the first vege-friendly accommodation in Poland and a workshop by paweł weganon

Succesful people always look for opportunities to help others. Unsucsessful people are always asking: ‘What in this for me?’


Have you ever met people who bring value to this world; people, who will to try to find out the best possible solution, those with indomitable energy and unquenchable enthusiasm? I’m sure your answer would be:

‘I did. But anyway those people are something illusory: they always appear on television giving 115th interview in their life. I see someone’s photo showing a snow-white smile all around the city: from a big bill-board on a skyscraper ending up with a commercial on a juice bottle.’

And may be you’re right. These people are distant and the Berlin Wall dividing us is like an undiscovered story which has led them to success. Nevertheless today is a tremendous day to intrigue you by representing a few people like these. By a happy chance you don’t have to buy a ticket directly to California to visit Silicon Valley and see an outstanding personality. They’re just by your side – in Kraków or Warsaw, Poland.

Let me introduce a founder of the first vege-friendly place ‘Pokoje Roślinne’ in Poland. Piotr Skrzek is a wonderful example of a well-balanced vegan, who promotes the idea of a healthy and conscious lifestyle in a new way.

PR 44

How does he define ‘Pokoje roślinne’? Is it a hotel, a restaurant or a place for workshops/meeting with friends? To be honest Piotr created the best definition: Pokoje Roślinne ‘is a vegan-friendly house which provides accommodation and offers plant-based food.’

Raw and gluten-free options are also available. You are more than welcome to decide about the menu plan before arriving (taking into consideration food allergies/intolerance or personal preferences). Attention those who love being surprised in a good way! There’s a unique chance to rely on Piotr and give him a full freedom for creation of something special. Just for you. With an excellent taste. Like in the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

Cannot imagine breakfast without omelette? Whoelse but Piotr is a master of creativity! 🙂                               Tofu+curry+vegetables and a magic ingredient (Himalayan salt Kala Namak 😉 ) would make your taste receptors scream:

Only this for breakfast. Starting today. NOW.’

PR 3PR 4

PR 5

His intention was to create a place where every guest will be able to find the time for a sincere talk. You can do it sitting by the fireplace or on a terrace which opens a breathtaking landscape on a green forest and fields. Grill and cooking are one of the best things which can make you feel like home.

By the way, how about the atmosphere at home? I think you’ll agree with me that a phrase ‘Feel yourself like home’  doesn’t have an immediate effect on a subconscious mind. Indeed, some things can touch our heart once we enter somebody’s house. They remind us cheerful times when happiness and joy dominated under gloomy emotions. It can be a smell of granny’s soup, the same cup on a table you’ve had in childhood or a cat, lookalike of yours! Even a white spot near his nose is on the same place!

Two people friendly Basset hounds wouldn’t make you lonely 🙂 There’s no way! A cat is more independent but the synergy between them amazes!

PR 47

PR 30

We spend a whole weekend in ‘Pokoje Roślinne’ during the rainy period of May. Yes, the weather was gloomy; yes, the sun definitely had a vacation and yes, it was as cold as in March…

But! Nevertheless, positive vibrations and energy Piotr and Paweł Weganon shared with everyone kept us on high spirits during the whole workshop.

PR 15

I was proud to meet personally an exceptionally intelligent person Paweł, the author of Weganon blog. A website where he shares vegan recipes every day in a row. You can simply enjoy and… cook! 🙂 Paweł’s knowledge concerning herbs, their use, positive and side effects is impressive. We went for one hour walk to enhance the wisdom on phytotherapy and escape from the loud city of Warsaw for a while 😀

PR 13

PR 12

PR 16PR 14

After the educational walk we filled our brains with all desirable knowledge 🙂 But at the same time our stomaches were empty and the lunchtime was getting closer.

If you would like to continue following a journey, welcome to the kitchen of ‘Pokoje Roślinne’ together with Paweł Weganon 🙂

PR 10

PR 8PR 21

And… Here we go! Cooking time with all participants 🙂

PR 31

1. Falafel with aromatic parsley, you can easily find a recipe here

PR 25PR 26PR 36PR 35PR 42

Did you know? All the dishes had a secret ingredient – herbs! 🙂

PR 7

PR 19PR 23

PR 28PR 34

2. Pizza. Italy and Poland got a pizza recipe (what a surprise, hahah 😉 ). A small remark: I would highly recommend gluten-free flour. You can use amaranth, millet, buckwheat, hemp, luten or quinoa flour.

PR 17PR 40

PR 41

3. Baked buns with sesame and flaxseeds.

PR 29PR 33

4. Hummus. Take a look on the similar recipe here.

PR 39

Voila! A perfect lunch is ready!

PR 45PR 43

I’m grateful for 2 days spent in Gaj, Kraków together with people who make a difference. A better difference.

In the end I would love to share with you a wonderful act of kindness ♥ Piotr gives 10% of his income to Fundacja Ocalenie.

Fundacja Ocalenie logo

If you support animal rights or animal issues touch you, here is a direct link to help them in a good way as Piotr does 🙂

Photos of ‘Pokoje Roślinne’ can be found here as well as prices. Please note the address: Księżówka, 32-031 Gaj, Krakow, Poland.

Feel free to contact Piotrn about accomodation: info@pokojeroslinne.eu

Healthy yours, Marina ♥


  1. Looks absolutely amazing 🙂 Beautiful pictures!


    1. Aneta, thank you so much! 😉


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