Jacket Potato in ‘Warsaw Potato’ – Is healthy and fast possible? Yes, Please! :)

Face it – potatoes are boring. But everybody loves them. The challenge is to update potatoes in ways that people will still enjoy them.

Lisa Fisher

Obviously, we – the people, are always curious and desire to get excited in an unexpected way; to feel the amazement never experienced before. It may concern feelings or emotions which spike up the adrenalin level in our blood, events giving us the inspiration for action or even… food! 🙂

This is what exactly Marcin Szopowski a founder of Warsaw Potato, does on a daily basis. After his residence in the UK for 3 years Marcin decided to come back to Poland and create a dream-place for potato-lovers. Was it successful? For sure! He decided to implement the idea of a wonderful taste, healthy option (special attention vegetarians and vegans 🙂 ) and affordable price in one solution. This is how Nowy Swiat street has met a new foodie place.

WP 2

As soon as fashion on ‘almost-home-made’ burgers, sandwiches or other ‘street food’ has put deep roots in Poland since a few years ago, baked potatoes filled their niche in 2014.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health:

richly mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream or crisply fried in vegetable oil can lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

This is why the healthiest option for cooking is… just to bake! 🙂

Do you want to know how? Well, lucky you (!) because today I’ll open a curtain dividing us, the guests and the potatous chef of the kitchen!

WP 32 Before being baked in the oven, all potatoes should follow criteria above:

  • type is Carera, Volumia, Actrice – non-GMO;
  • naturally grown to the size of 350-400 grams (what a big baby! 😉 ) on the Polish fields;
  • starch content should be 15% and more.

Once our vegetables have passed a small check-up it’s time to cook, right?

WP 26WP 4

The most interesting part is to choose a filling. The whole variety of stuffings are made with natural and chemical-free ingredients. They add a very distinct and pleasant flavour to each potato – whether you choose Pesto Presto or Lucky Luke.

WP 10WP 19

I’ll tell you a secret – my favourite one is ’Wierny ogrodnik/Constant gardener’ with cherry tomatoes, olives, onion and basil. But please be quite, I would like to get mine portion as well before ‘Warsaw Potato’ will sell the last one 🙂

WP 11WP 5Only fresh herbs such as basil, mint or parsley are used during the cooking.

WP 12

Interested and want to know more? The prices are more than affordable:

  • a potato with cheese and butter starting 10 zł (2,5 eur) 🙂 ;
  • drinks starting 6 zł (1,2 eur).

WP 17Are you a hungry student? Good news for you – there’s always a discount of 10%. A penny saved is a penny earned 🙂

WP 13WP 14So, before you decide to visit this place with your friends – let me steal from you just a while. Take a look how does Warsaw Potato look inside:

WP 28WP 21WP 24

WP 16

For more information check out the official page of Warsaw Potato.

And for sure Nowy Swiat 53, Warsaw, PL is the location of this potatous place 🙂

Wish you a healthy Thursday, guys! 😀

Always positively yours, Marina ♥

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